We pride ourselves in understanding our customer's needs and specialise in providing custom solutions - whether designing one-off prototype’s or high volume manufacture.

We are a team of creative thinkers and technical engineers passionate about creating great products and solutions for our clients. Using a combination of expertise, heritage and state of the art design tools, we create advanced thickfilm electronics solutions suited to harsh and demanding operating environments.


As New Zealand’s only manufacturer of Thick Film Microcircuits and with 35 years in the electronics industry, we have the capability to design, prototype, evaluate and manufacture custom solutions in our purpose built facility. Where applications require quality, consistency and reliability, we have the creative design solution you need.

Our experience includes, Thick Film [link], RF & Microwave, Data telemetry, Electronic control mechanisms, PCB assembly, PCB modification, Chip & Wire, Electronic packaging, Optoelectronics, hermetic packaging and welding, prototyping and volume manufacture. See case studies for examples of how we’ve used some of these skills to solve our clients challenges.


    Thick Film Microcircuits are an extremely high quality, ultra-reliable alternative to Printed Circuit Boards. They are generally smaller and capable of operating in harsh or extreme environments – or simply in applications where there is a demand for reliability and / or low product return. Some of the amazing Thick Film components we use include:

    Wire bonding

    We have the ability to wire bond and precision die attach onto a variety of substrates using a wide range of bonding materials including gold or aluminium - down to a wire diameter of just XXX microns - useful for client’s wanting miniature microelectronic solutions.

    Multiple Layers

    Our circuits are printed in multiple layers making them more secure against reverse engineering. These layers are fully encapsulated which makes our products more resistant to moisture, corrosion, vibration and heat build up.

    Precision Layer Trimming

    Our custom designed laser trimming machine is used to fine tune printed resistors to any value making them more precise and smaller in size than on PCB’s (OR as well as final circuit calibration and testing.) The result - higher metal interconnection reliability due to fewer soldering connections. For more info on Thick Film Technology [link].


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“Its always refreshing to deal with people and organisations that deliver on their promises.”

Mark Graves

Design Engineer - Invensys Appliance Controls

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