We have the capability to design, prototype, evaluate, test and manufacture custom solutions in our purpose built facility. Let us help you bring your idea to life.

No matter what your budget, experience or idea, we have the experience and production capabilities to support your electronic needs.


No matter what your business or your experience, we are great at providing unique electronic solutions to tough problems. Our process typically begins by collaborating with clients to really understand their needs, the market, the idea and the perceived constraints in detail. We take the time to get this part right as our experience has shown that good briefs dramatically increase the chance of us quickly producing great and effective solutions.

Design / Visualise

Our talented team of electronics engineers then use their expertise to develop possible solutions to the client’s problem / idea. The process begins by brainstorming solutions. These are then roughly sketched before digitally drawing up designs and a prototype created. We find prototyping the best way to help bring an idea to life as the prototypes become workable product samples that can be interacted with and tested.

We then evaluate and refine the prototypes in a series of quick iterations. We try not to get too attached to the first few prototypes because we know they will change. No idea is so good that it can’t be improved upon and with client feedback we plan on a series of improvements. A major part of this process involves not only finding a solution that works, but one that is cost-effective when it comes to production.

Implement / Manufacture

Once a client is happy and we know we have a great solution, we are then able to manufacture their product - whether short runs or many thousands. We continually invest in control and test equipment to ensure we deliver exceptional quality and have a reject rate that is second to none.

We are also able to offer assembly, packaging and a full rework and repair service to our clients if required.


Your idea can be a sketch on a napkin, or a detailed concept ready for manufacturing.
We help clients through all stages of the product development process.

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Rob Carruthers, Director